Israeli Shiatsu Practitioner Ronit Rubin is specialist for Shiatsu and Dance. We were talking with her and wanted to know what is Shiatsu and why and how it could help dancers to work more efficiently and healthier with their bodies?
We discovered interesting parallels between Shiatsu and Ohad Naharins GAGA Technique, but also the closeness in work of many famous choreographers with their dancers.

Ron explains about her Shiatsu therapy:

Shiatsu is a contact therapy , using fingers, hands, elbows and knees, in order to exercise a pressure on the whole body , except for the groing.

The pressed points are releasing tensions, pain, and all emotional charges. Those pressing on points on the body , creates a small ,but significante movment that the body and spirit can return as a centered and balanced state; which is often violated in the daily routine of each of us.
For example: sitting long hours bending over the computer, or excess of physical activites, and lack of sleeping hours.

_ the compression of certain points on all the body , help to restore the vitality of the internal organs, and all the body fonctions.

_Deep attentive touch is echoing and reinforces , beyond the layers of the material (the body), and reach the infinite layers existing in the body.
This contact allows Expanse, Breathing and Healing.

Shiatsu is based on the five thousand years old Chinese medecine , granted that views of the mind and the body, as a part of the same whole, and spiritual layers located in the internal organs.

-It started with the fact that they are two forces in the Univers reversed to each other , called the YIN AND YANG.

There is as well five elements, to involve as individual qualities , in the understanding of the body : WOOD,FIRE,EARTH,METAL,WATER.
Thoses elements shows a tendency from a patient , wich will be treated regardless of his/her element qualitie.

For example: some knee probleme may stem from a lack of energy balanced in the water element.

The treatment aim to open the meridiens (energetic channels), and allows the necessary flows and Re-balanced the body.

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