This is Peterson Meyers' campaign to crowd funding our participation to the Manchester 2015 Furniture Show held in July.
We hope you'll enjoy it, as we did in making it. Our products are made only by hand preserving centuries' old craftsmanship of working the iron (wrought iron). All the beautiful designs are the work of an architect that starts by designing the model followed by tens of attempts by the workers to match each and every line the architect drew on a white piece of paper, only in solid iron. They start by warming the solid iron bars in the furnace and by the way, everything that you see is a solid iron bar as we do not work with hollow bars, only thick, sturdy ones of the purest iron. After the bars are being warmed up red hot, in a few seconds the workers hammer them into the exact shape the architect drew up. Thus, a table or a chair takes form, piece by piece, with each drop of sweat as if it were made hundreds of years ago. We aim to preserve this rare form of art and skill in today's ever industrialized and globalized world. We believe in things done by the sweat of our brows, hand painted and decorated. This is our way and we are passionate about it !
In order to have our products largely available we wish to partner up with one of UK large furniture retailers, and we can only do this by participating to several fairs held this July in Manchester and to a few others held in autumn.

Our goal is to raise 10,000 GBP representing participation fees and other related expenses.

We hope to meet each and every one of you, at the 2015 Manchester Furniture show!

Thank you!

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