This announcement is a result of progress. When we started RAW in early 2006, there were a few people who were instantly supportive of what we were doing. Devin "Waffle" Woelfel was one of those people. Waffle has been smack in the middle of the skateboard scene in Boston for a good amount of time, closely affliated with every single person that RAW has supported. Over the past few years, he has made contributions to our brand behind the scenes that have been very beneficial, including his concept for The North East Five Panel Cap this past winter and his submission of footage for Know The Ledge Volume Two.

Beyond helping RAW make progress, Waffle's skateboarding made some significant strides over the course of 2009 and into 2010. We feel that it is high time that more people see his accomplishments on a regular basis. The video short shown here was compiled over the past few months and edited by Jason Jenkins, who has been a consistent contributor to the exposure that the Boston skateboard scene has received over the past few years. We have backed Waffle and his skateboarding for what can be considered a long time now, and the publication of this edit and announcement simply makes our intentions more precise.

RAW would like to officially welcome Devin Woelfel to the squad.

S.C. K.S.

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