Medium: High Definition video installation
Information: F.Scott Fitzgerald said,'The true mark of intelligence is the ability to hold two apparently opposing ideas in the mind simultaneously.

(This video installation 'Flatlanders' was originally made for a debate in Guildford cathedral led by Jim al khalili Khalili OBE an Iraqi-born British theoretical physicist, author and science communicator and also incluiding Professor Brian Cox who is currently presenting Wonders Of The Universe television series.

When I heard that scientists were doing a nuclear experiment to try and recreate the conditions that were there at the beginning of the universe at (*CERN, I thought that it would be like the Bruegel painting, 'The Fall Of Icarus', where the ploughman continues ploughing the field as Icarus falls from the sky; we would probably wouldn't be taking any notice.

The final work which depicts a woman riding on a swing carrying perfectly balanced scales while Bruegel like figures walk on a tea cup. an Icarus which rises and falls could be seen as a reflection of the paradoxical nature of advanced science.

The work should be installed as an HD video projection half submerged in a water tank it also incorporates sounds recorded by scientists at *CERN (in the Infusion Pump Cooling Station), and with help from musician Milton Mermikides we created the sound of Icarus' wings beating.

Shown in an exhibition The New Future at the District of Columbia Arts Center gallery with two other artists, see link:-

*CERN= Centre For European Nuclear Research where *LHC is based:-The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), experimental facility near Geneva in Switzerland. LHC is expected to answer several facts of fundamental nature of the universe that remains a mystery.

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