It has been an amazing journey from reading the announcement of the competition, to making the audition video, to the competition proper. During those long, tiring days of shooting from morning till night and editing from night till morning, it is you the viewer who gave the the strength and determination to slog through the though times.

This video is dedicated to all of you. This video is about what we all share, a love for the artistic handling of cards, captured and showcased on the internet. On Our Space.

Move List
0.53 F*** Physics (Jaspas)
0.57 Ripple (Kenneth Foo)
0.59 Frozen Ripple (Jaspas, Inspired by Kenneth Foo)
1.01 Hanabi (Jaspas)
1.05 Rainbow Spring (Jaspas)
1.08 Spring
1.13 Behind the Back Long Distance Spinner
1.17 Various Isolations (Jaspas)
1.35 Spencer's Watch (Jaspas)
1.42 Shapeshifter 3 (Jaspas)
1.50 Reverse Furious Angel (Jaspas)
1.52 Pirouette + Reverse Angel (Jaspas)
1.57 Full Circle: Fan (Jaspas)
2.00 Lepaul Spread (Paul Lepaul)
2.17 Turbine Launcher (Jaspas, Inspired by Andrei Jikh)
2.24 Pirouette
2.29 Springs
2.35 Long Distance Spinner
2.37 X Cuts (Jerry Cestkowski)
2.40 Jaspas Cut (Jaspas)
2.52 Raihan's Square Cut (Raihan Roslan)
2.59 Six Step (Jaspas)
3.04 J10 Cut + Backhand Stall (Jaspas)
3.10 Long Distance Spinner Wall Bounce

Director/Editor: Jaspas Deck
IG: @jaspas

Asst Director: Loretta Sze

Director of Photography: Kenneth Foo
IG: @kafoosh

Camera Operator: Dan Song Zhi Yi
IG: @szacwhy

Production Stills: Leon Tai
IG: @leontai

Gaffer: Teo Chun Chieh
IG: @teochunchieh

Day 1 Runner: Sebastian Goh
IG: @thewhiteace

Day 1 Runner: Ng Ling Xuan
IG: @lingnemesis

Day 1 Runner: Ruo Yu
IG: @cardistrey96

Day 1 Runner: Ancel Ho
IG: @ancelx

Day 2 Runner: Raihan Roslan
IG: @Raihan_Roslan

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jaspas' youtube:
jaspas' instagram: @jaspas
jaspas' twitter: @jaspas
jaspas' facebook:

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