For some reason, this track always took me into a sleazy sort of sexual headspace - even though that is not at all what the song is about. I couldn't listen to the song without seeing some sort of dance and suggestive gesticulations.

I love casting normal people, and shooting in real locations, so the original concept for this video was a badly choreographed dance with people in gold and silver unitards, set in an El Savadorian pop up church. The band let me have the dance and the normal people, but insisted on more of a surreal techno setting that featured lasers. I co-choreographed the dance with a good friend of the band's, who was a professional dancer - the only actually dancer in the video... can you spot her?

director: Michael Maxxis
dp: Bernard Evans
editor: Keith Hamm
colorist: Shane Reed
producers: Jacob Halajian and Paul Bock
production company: DNA

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