When aspiring children’s entertainer Jason (Chris Worley) gets his long-time crush Danny (Lauren Brown) pregnant on their first date, the two choose to make a life together as husband and wife. As the prospect of fatherhood looms, Jason begins to realize the toll it may take on his career and turns his attention toward one last pursuit of his dreams before the baby arrives. Feeling ignored, Danny begins to question whether their fledgling marriage can survive.

The two soon find themselves attracted to other people, and as new friendships begin to hint at the possibility of romance, Jason and Danny must decide whether they will risk the future of their family for the indulgence of a moment’s pleasure.

The Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore calls A BEAUTIFUL BELLY a “racy rumination on sex, love, marriage and Bible study” with a “talented and good-looking cast,” while The Daily City raves that “this film about love, broken hearts and pregnant bellies, left the audience wanting more of this young, talented filmmaker.” Cinema365 says that A BEAUTIFUL BELLY “is worth your while, especially for aspiring filmmakers who want to see how to properly make a first film.”

A relationship drama with an ultimate message of hope and renewal, A BEAUTIFUL BELLY endeavors to deal with complicated adult themes of considerable heft with a light touch that emphasizes the messy humor of the human condition.

Written, directed, and produced by Andrew Kenneth Gay

Lyrics and music for "Dance the Blues Away" by Andrew Kenneth Gay. Arranged by Jason Kupfer. Performed by Chris Worley.

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