Produced by Tukaine of whitcombemedia in American Samoa, the track features TDUB from NZ. Filmed using a Canon 7D with a Canon 1.8 50mm lens. Color graded using Magic Bullet's little brother "Mojo" which kicks ass for the price!

Rain shots filmed next to our family home inside an old tennis court. Rain provided the dramatic scenes needed which worked out quite well.

Found an empty warehouse for the second location. Filmed at night so we used 2 regular flood lights to light the whole place and some small house lamps to provide that little extra around the edges of the guys. The insulation on the walls reflected the light just right as to separate the guys from the background. Also hung a small bulb just above the drummer.

Guitar scenes filmed in my bedroom using only the ceiling light and a small lamp just a little off to the side of the subject.

Big thanks to all who were involved in this project.

Lesson learnt - You "can" pull off some good stuff with what little you have... just learn to use it well.

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