Selcuk Artut's exhibition "A/B"
at American Hospital Art Gallery

Vehbi Koc Foundation American Hospital Art Gallery is hosting Selcuk Artut's information age touched exhibition "A/B". Exhibition is mainly focusing on issues of understanding and perception and it will be held open between 10th of February till 20th of March 2010. Visitors are able to visit the gallery everyday starting from 10:00 to 19:00 except Sundays.

Exhibition Information

Said something? So, what was that? Who is talking to whom? Everything that is something says something to others. To get what is meant, it is even useless to see the speaker. Engraved surfaces are no longer permanent, all information are shallow. Recording narrowed, capacity enhanced. As we talked, we observed that differences became evident and awareness increased. Interrogators, unconvinced of their messages’ transmission, are everywhere. I call for the patterns classified under the buttons that I believe to be commanding. You may say that mostly there is nothing left to write or make. No, though the combinations are used up, equation is not yet verified.

“A/B” is not a soundless exhibition. In fact, it has various problems with expression. Presenting seven various art projects impressed by the information age art, it is trying to talk.

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