Safe Keeping is a photographic installation created by Jemima Yong and Peter Reed. The pair have curated an immersive and performative exhibition which is concerned with telling the personal stories of Jemima's subjects; their relationships to her and the world around them. Dozens of identical cardboard boxes contain carefully selected collections of prints which offer clues and insights into the feelings and stories held together by particular times, places and situations. Each box also contains a tape player, each with a special recording made by the artists/subjects in response to the images in the box.

Audience members can engage with the piece on an explorative level - hunting through boxes of carefully illustrated memories and making their own links and stories. There is also space to observe other narratives played out in collages - vast mosaics of images on the walls around them.

Safe Keeping breaks down the rules of the gallery space and the way in which audiences interact with photographs. It encourages a childlike curiosity and a leap into the imagination through a gesture of generosity and storytelling.

Thanks to: John East, Kirsty Harris, Guoda Jaruseviciute, Nalini Vasudevan, James Yong and Joseph Yong.

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