“Viscera” (USA/HD/16mm/2014), Experimental, 9 min:
*Official Selection London Greek Film Festival 2014
*Official Selection Lucca Film Festival 2015

Viscera explores the aesthetic world of mental images. Saturated colors unveil our past. Shapes are blurry, lost in layers of thought. In circumscribed landscapes where characters are locked; everything is suspended. The memory of a woman merges with the slow pacing of the camera. Trees become cerebral ramified joints that connect us with our most sacred emotions. A foreign radio transmission echoes inside our brain, bouncing from wall to wall like in a white stark room. Two girls are playing a peculiar game of silences. Inside that room, time runs out fast, and they are both projected into their common fantasy of death. Viscera is a phantasmagorical world containing syncopated stories. The geography of the human body becomes a map to navigate inside the viscera. Fumed sounds surround pieces of forgotten dreams. Viscera is a dispersed piece of human subconscious exploded into images.

"Martha Mansfield" by Studio Noir
CC-NC-ND 2014

"Lost Landscapes of Detroit"
Prelinger Archives-Internet Archive

"Home Movie:Family and Children (1929)"
Prelinger Archives-Internet Archive

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