The last in the series of ads made for the Catalonian government. This is the finished animation with all the music and dubbed in English... Woohoo!...

This animation is part of a 5 ad TV campaign I directed for the Catalonian Government. The aim of the campaign was to promote the idea that little actions can make a big difference.

'The Revolution of Little Actions' spot was animated in Flash and then Composted within a 3D plain in After Effects. A lot of the static elements were brought in from directly in from Adrian Johnson's illustrations.

This was a big project and I think at one point we were working on 3 ads at once. I had such a good team working on these animations the ads were a pleasure to make.

Directed and Storyboarded by: Tim Ruffle - Visit my website:

Animators: Joe Wood, Tom Evans, Zoran Jankovic, Robin Davey and Felix Massie.
After Effects: Spencer Cross
Flash Artworking: Seb Bernett
Photoshop: James Grant
Illustrations by Adrian Johnson
Produced at Aardman Animations for Bus Productions

© Aardman Animations Ltd 2010

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