When young Eli makes a diorama for the 30th anniversary of the destruction of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek III, he unknowingly uses a Millenium Falcon figurine in place of the Enterprise. How will Lucy fix this when the project is due in less than 15 minutes? Most 3-D printers take hours to produce a detailed figurine like this, but USC Viterbi Professor Yong Chen might just have the latest technology to save the day!

Music by Aidan Rowe
Cast: Sarah Claspell, Eli Tillmann, and Yong Chen
Executive Producer: Michael Chung
Producer: Elizabeth Bayne
Written by Megan Hazle, Elizabeth Bayne, and Katie McKissick
Story Consultant: Adam Smith
Production Designer: Katie McKissick
Prop Mater/Production Assistant: Megan Hazle
Gaffer: Andreas Tillman
Production Assistant: Julie Tillmann

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