The SFAMSC Film and Drama Company is proud to present the third episode of St. Francis Diaries.

Boy Basted is a grade 10 high school boy who has a 100% failure rate in romance. In desperation he borrowed his father’s magic necklace to charm women but later discovered that it is actually cursed. What will Boy Basted do now?

Direction, story, editing and produced by: Ryan Villanueva
Sound track performed by: Judiza Fuentes Moreno (English Teacher) and Fidel Villora Ibanez Jr. (Music Teacher), and Ryan Martin Bonza (MAPE Teacher)

Lead roles played by Jason Tormon (Senior HS), Yessa Raja (Senior HS), Ryan Martin Bonza (MAPE Teacher) and Arianna Raja (Alumnus), and Mario Follero (History Teacher)

The SFAMSC Drama and Film Company is a student club that helps its members express their talents though video performances. Our short films are all directed, casted, and produced by St. Francis Cainta's students, staff, and teachers.

St. Francis Cainta offers value-centered and tightly supervised preschool, grade school, and high school programs that help develop the many talents of your child. We have a relaxed school culture that encourages deep learning while having fun. To learn more about us visit:

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