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[April 28, 2008]
Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry have been commissioned by Atlanta Celebrates Photography to create an original, temporary work of public art for ACP's 10th festival in October, 2008. McCallum/Tarry’s career has developed around site-specific work, often utilizing photographic media to highlight political and racial issues in America.

McCallum/Tarry plan to create a work on the site of the water tower at the corner of Auburn and Irwin in the Old Fourth Ward. They plan to install video images and sounds recorded in Atlanta during the Civil Rights movement inside the tower, with an additional wrap-around scrim displaying full-length photographs.

The objective of this public artwork is to weave a multidimensional visual experience for the viewer that touches on current politics, such as the drought, while integrating the history of the impassioned social protest movement that unfolded from the Old Fourth Ward, across the US, and throughout the world.

By bringing together sound, video, and photographic imagery at this strategic site, bordering both the King district and the Beltline, McCallum/Tarry hope to create a public art project that will resonate beyond the site, leading citizens from all over to interact with, and learn from this work of art.

For more information, please contact:
Atlanta Celebrates Photography

For a video introduction to the project, please see:

Atlanta Celebrates Photography:


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