Mr Morag’s Helical Dreams explores one of the often quoted reasons to justify cloning , therapeutic applications. It is set in a hypothetical world where human cloning happens. Dr Bernard Aldous ,founder of the “New Millennium Medical centre” takes us through the case of Morag who developed kidney failure in childhood and was cloned at young age and the clone’s kidney was donated back to him when he reached the age of thirty.

Written , Directed, Produced and Edited by Alex Nakone
Assistant Writer, Assistant Director , Assitant Producer Dave De Vries
Original Music and Sound design John C Williams
Director of Photography Tim Dangerfield
Assistant Editor Eugene Guy Villon
Morag and his Clone : Terry Rogers
Dr Aldous: Patrick Frost
Morag's Wife: Nina Pearce
Nurse: Lucy Markiewicz

Shot with EX3 with Letus adaptor and prime lenses


Below are are series of stills kindly provided by Alienor le Gouvello.

The film was screened at the Mercury Cinema on the 18th of december 2009 to a full house and great response from the audience!
Own the theme for Mr Morag's Helical Dreams on itunes.

It was featured on the front page of Filmannex in November 2010 and has attracted over a million views on that site

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