Written by Doc Jones, One Eleven Band
Directed- Seth Schaeffer of Hoptocopter.com
DP/Produced- James Drake
Lead Actor- Michael Nicely
Music Arrangement/Mix- Danny Odom
Camera Operator- Wade Yamaguchi
Grip/Gaffer Team- Cory Reynolds, Mark Walczak

Shot on location in Las Vegas.

Powerful lyrics for a powerful message:
Used to stay stoned, no rock in the face
you talking about church, no habla ingles
they say sex sells, guess that means sin pays
then why you got eviction coming in 10 days?
Dead broke fast spending like renting a fake smile
2 days and 3 hours away from a break down
A few pills chase the pain til sunrise
returning with a vengeance leaving your tongue tied
staring in the mirror who's that can't recognize
still faded seeing double, no better with second eyes
fighting something don't exist like tekken 5
place blame on them when it's really myself and I
Diggin my own grave like a slave to my own mind
examine my chest for a heart you won't find
Rock bottom got a problem somebody throw me a line
Lord send me a sign!

Feels like my soul is dead broke
Man you wouldn't know cause i don't let it show
But my soul is dead broke,
I got no where to go, where's the Lord when I call?

On your knees praying our father, hands clasping
head down like why bother? still waiting
prayers go unanswered, speaking to the air, no ears
why chance it? Control like a puppet
No Jim Hanson so you sold to the devil for a hefty ransom
feeling lost in a mansion
But really it's a prison, product of wicked living
tracing back steps Sundays and catechism
Now it's sundays and strip clubs,
bought a one way ticket
where sin has faced conviction
no hope for a wretch like me
need a neo-soul
Sounds like confessions from a broken down phone booth
Does God check voicemail?
I'm about to make my own news
Swinging straight held down
by your demons
Dead broke and pain free

Feels like my soul is dead broke
Man you wouldn't know cause i don't let it show
But my soul is dead broke,
I got no where to go, where's the Lord when I call?

Don't listen to those lies, shady schemes from the serpent
Appetite for destruction, Like a lion he is lurking
He would take your soul to you to eternal fires
Separated from your Father, it's time to face the giant
Fight back and get on your knees say if you're real right now
I really need to know, won't you please take these pills away from me
Because I can't do it on my own
Lord I surrender hands raised to the throne
Son I always was with and always will be
so put that rope down I came to give peace
It hurts that it took this long to realize
I would have spoke sooner, you had a veil over your eyes
Unable to see the glorious light that is I
The Christ illuminated in darkness must hide
it's time to you're all mine I'm depositing my spirit
I'm never dead broke again

Never will my soul,
Be dead broke
I'm sure will know cause I'm gonna let it show
Never will my soul
be dead broke
I've got somewhere to go I hear the Lord when I call

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil. For you are with me, your rod, your staff they comfort me

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