Eurovision 2014 - Aram mp3 / Not Alone
Video Decoration preview

Alexander Kuiava – the creative director and visual supervisor of the project proposed to develop the theme of the eternal battle of the Darkness and Light, which perfectly suits to mood of Aram MP3 song in the symphonic dubstep style. An important point was to assign tasks efficiently to our production group and discuss the process of adjustments and changes (there were very few ones) of the concept with the customer and with technical crew of the Eurovision. LIME ART GROUP proposed an abstract animation of style symmetry, which was centered in the symbolism of shapes and created the volume and depth using 3D mapping effects. Since a synchronization of A/V systems is one of the most priorities – there were proposed audio reactive technology of animation with involving of Aram’s choreography on the scene, the whole song was separated into 8 music instruments and every sound accorded the dynamic of video, underline the form of screens and the metaphysic key message of the artist. Our partners in Bahrain took up the simmulate of the animation more than 1 million particles and the render, which successfully transformed into the Universe.

Alexander Kuiava – Creative Director
Yura Suchak - Concept Supervisor
Paul Bogomazov – Executive Producer
Vahagn Simonyan - General Producer

Conept & Idea:
Alexander Kuiava
Jura Suchak
Vahagn Simonyan

3D Animation & Direction:
Alexander Kuiava

3D Modeling & Animation:
Alex Segodin
Daniel Knight
Manuel Riedl

Tour Management:
Paul Bogomazov
Gohar Gasparyan

Special support by:

Powered by: LIME ART GROUP
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