Drum Wrenches are offered in many varieties including preset wrenches, preset torque wrenches, standard plug wrenches and sparkless wrenches (for flammable materials). Drum Wrenches are available for hexhead plugs (Rieke) and round head plugs (Tri-Sure).

Rieke Torque Wrenches eliminate guesswork by applying torque to ensure proper closure. Rieke Preset Torque Wrenches are color coded according to their proper foot/pound torque setting. Rieke Preset Torque Wrenches are offered in red (30/15), blue (40/20), and yellow (20/9). Rieke Wrenches include standard wrenches (no preset), spinner wrenches, steel fitting tightening wrenches, preset titegrip torque wrenches, and preset torque wrenches. Sparkless wrenches are offered for multiple varieties of Rieke Wrenches.

Please note: Sparkless Wrench heads are made of sparkless bronze and handles are made of carbon steel to prevent sparking.

Tri-Sure Wrenches are offered in standard and preset options. Tri-Sure Preset Torque Wrenches are color coded to match specific foot/pound torque settings. Tri-Sure Wrenches are available for nylon/polypropylene drum plugs, combination drum plugs, steel/zinc drum plugs, and plastic drum plugs. Tri-Sure Combination Drum Plug Wrenches, standard wrenches, and wrench and tabseal removers are available. Tri-Sure Sparkless Wrenches are available as well.

Adjustable Wrenches & Sockets can be used for various applications. Adjustable Wrenches can be manually set and are offered in 3/8" drive and 1/2" drive options. Steel sockets, spark resistant sockets, air ratchets, torque wrench testers, six knock sockets for euro buttress, and torque wrench adapters are available as well.

Universal Drum Wrenches can easily open storage barrels and drums. Universal Drum Wrenches are made from bronze alloy, composite materials, or aluminum alloy. Universal Drum Wrenches are used with most 2" and 3/4" closures.

Sparkless options offered with the Sparkless Universal Drum Plug Wrench and Barrel Buddies II Universal Drum Wrench.




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