This short homage film dedicated to the memory of our brothers, holy sacrifices who were slaughtered for no reason and amongst them the innocent 1,500,000 children.
Based on parts of real letters of Holocaust victims taken from the book "Final Letters - From Victims of the Holocaust" edited by Zvi Bachrach, Yad Va'Shem, Volume A
Narration and Illustration by Shirly Schwartz
A short film by Yaniv Schwartz (DOP)
The letters were writted by our sacred brothers:
Pinhasele Aayznar
Dr Emil Eliezer Nohal
Moshe Akaar
Gusta Berger Ehrlich
Chaim, aged 14, was murdered in Pustkow
Zeltaka and Juta Vishniatzky, mother and daughter
The father of Yehoshua Szeremi from Hungary
Ida Goldish
Asher Ben Yitzhak Schwartz
Fania Berbekov
Hulda (?)
Elsa Kalover
Chaim Nachman Bialik "City of Slaughter"
Music by Envato Marketplaces:
Sad Klezmer Violin with Orchestra by Danring
Momma Still Loves Ya by The storyshop
Truth Lies Within by Jeffheim

Photo Credits:
Photo Archives Photographic Reference Collection
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yad Vashem Photo Archive

DNG 2.5k files
2400*1000 pixels
Uploaded in ProRes proxy
Blackmagic MFT
Resolve 10, CS6, Filmconvert

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