This is a Final project for the Digital Film Seminar class at SUNY New Paltz.
Project by Daniel Barker, Jonathan Bulla and Alyssa Crawley

Created by Jonathan Bulla
Produced by Daniel Barker, Jonathan Bulla and Alyssa Crawley
Music Arranged by Jonathan Bulla
Piano by Steven Bulla jr
Words by:
Chocolate man- Jonathan Bulla
Veggie man- Daniel Barker and Jonathan Bulla
Director of Photography: Matt Brunner

Special thanks to: Matt Brunner, Gregg Bray, Samantha Gillespie, Patrick Pierpoint, Chippy, Vin Craig, Steven Bulla jr, Danny Bulla, Sydney Bulla, All of the Bulla/ Bonnington cousins, and Matt Brunner (again).

I do not own any of the companies presented. They are displayed in a satirical manner.

This project is completely original. I do not give the right to anyone to use this work for their own benefit.


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