Thomas Ruskin, President of CMP Group explains how surveillance can help your investigation.

How Surveillance Helps Your Investigation

Why Surveillance?
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
You should always prepare to have court admissible surveillance, even if you're not sure you are going to court.
At the CMP Group our investigators are former law enforcement detectives, and have decades of experience putting cases together.

Share your intelligence.
How do we get started?
Familiarize us with the subject, the more we know the better.
Daily schedules
Car make and model with the license plate number
Photographs of subject, body and close ups
Physical description
Social groups - known friends and lover(s)
Work habits (do they often entertain clients and/or travel?)
Are they active on social media?
Financial situation
Extracurricular activities (gym, classes or favorite spots?)

Define your objectives.
Private Investigators are finders of the facts.
It's important to convey what you are hoping to learn and discover.
Explain your thought process.
A professional firm will aim to work with you, your attorney and your budget.

Getting the shot.
Investigators use all sorts of devices to make sure they get the shot such as: pen cameras, key fob cameras and hat cameras.

GPS Tracking.
If you are registered to the vehicle, a GPS may be an option to aid in a surveillance.
Find out in real time:
Where they go
How they get there
How frequently they are there
How fast they travel
If they are where they claim to be

The Do and Don't of Surveillance
We DO photograph and film the subject.
We DO capture events that happen, such as an intimate dinner for two.
We DO memorialize in a written surveillance report everything that our investigators observe.
We DO follow the subject no matter their mode of transportation (i.e. planes, trains and automobiles).
We DO update the client during the surveillance periodically.
We DON'T decide when to start and/or end a surveillance, we always update the client and decisions are made collectively.
We DO adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations.

Compiling Investigative Reports
A professional private investigative firm should also provide you with a written surveillance report memorializing the activities of the subject and the GPS tracking records.
Besides furnishing you and your attorney with the written reports and surveillance footage, the PI firm should always keep the original, unedited videos for the duration of the case and for years thereafter.

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