The spring claimed that it owned the creek,
the creek claimed rivers and the sea,
the banks and shores amazed,
'Without us, where they'd be?'

All raised their voice,
each claimed their own,
'cept one with many names...

'What do you own?' they questioned.

'All that I ever own is I,
was born with all I had,
and when I die each part of it
I will be giving back.'
'All that you own you are?'

The rivers fell as banks gave way
and ground beneath drained sea.

...when earth looked in its pockets
found soil and seeds and streams,
found bones and rocks and golden locks
and as it always knew...

'Then take a look inside yourself,
you, one with many names,
is not all that you are of me,
all that you own on loan?'

...then asked the falling drops of rain,
'Where will you go?'
'We're coming home.'

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