Gentrification and displacement of residents have been on the rise in many urban areas. Across the country, cities like New York have seen drastic divides in wealth, where the city ranks sixth on the list of most unequal cities in the country, according to a recent report by the Brookings Institute--threatening its urban core.

In addition, cities like Washington, DC has a seen a sharp decrease in its black population, a little over 50 percent, according to the most recent census data. And the rise of the technology industry in San Francisco has given rise to a fierce anti-Gentrification movement.

In Crown Heights, a newly formed tenants association aims to “fight the tower,” and challenge their property owners to stop rent increases that threaten the working-class residents. And this very community has seen one of the biggest transformation in New York City's recent history. The black population in Crown Heights has decreased nearly 12 percent, or 10,000, over the last decade, while the white population--along with rent--has been steadily increasing.

This is the story about that transformation and about those for whom change mean the fading of a once-beloved neighborhood.

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