No one likes waiting. Especially when it’s about mobile Internet.
Only the fastest 4G LTE mobile Internet won’t keep you waiting. And this was the message we had to bring home to our subscribers.
We got the hottest girls in Russian show business/the most popular Instagram bloggers: Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva and Anna Sedokova to upload the most staggering pictures with the following hash tags: #sexy #oiled #myself #six #hot #naked #pumpedup #guys #red #latex #ass #withanimals #cat #bear #horse #crazy #positions #wow #amazing #ohmygod.  Here it is. Yup, it’s just a photo, not connection problems, as you may have thought. The visitors were at a loss, and the number of comments grew further and further. But two hours later our beauties uploaded a video reveal containing the MTS 4G ad. And they apologized for creating too much “expectation" among their subscribers.
- The campaign attracted the attention of 1.6 million curious visitors.
- And when the other users started to upload tease picture on their accounts, the number of people involved grew to 3 million.
- This has been the quickest advertising campaign for the fastest mobile 4G Internet from MTS

BBDO Russia Group (Agency)
Nikolay Megvelidze, Creative Director
Alexey Starodubov, Creative Group Head
Dmitry Burenko, Managing Director
Vladlena Obukhova, Group Account Director
Luiza Vasyutina, Account Manager
Boris Anisonyan, Head of TV Production
Valery Gorokhov, Producer
Kristina Malmerg, Celebrities Producer (TMA)
Ekaterina Komolova, Managing Director (TMA)
Alexander Lubavin, Art Director
Elina Yaroslavskaya, Digital Account Director

"Mobile TeleSystems" (Client)
Natalia Glagoleva, Marketing Communications Department Director
Maria Yakovleva, Head of Marketing Communications Department
Yaroslav Smirnov, Head of Marketing Communications Group
Anastasia Terekhova, Marketing Communications Manager
Valery Kopytin, Marketing Communications Manager

FreeParking (Production)
Alexander Polishuk, DOP
Maria Yakushina, Producer
Andrey Rubtsov, Head of Production Group
Alexey Starodubov, Director / Editor
Alexander Lubavin, OST

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