“Endless” tells an existential story as old and true as the mother Earth. It contains the contradiction in its
title “End” and “Less”. The end of something leads to the beginning of something else. The short reminds us of the fragility of human live, giving a short retrospection of it. It captures the attention just for few minutes, a blink, seen through the distance of time.

Music: "The Kilimanjaro Drakjazz Ensemble" - "Xtabay" / Balkansky remix
Video production: ADDMINIMAL Creative Studio
Direction & Script: Adriana Gerasimova
Cinematographer: Dobrin kashavelov
Camera Assistant: Teodor Georgiev
Edit & Post production: Adriana Gerasimova, Dimitar Itskov
Edit consultant: Emil Granicharov
Cast: Tzvetana Maneva, Koyna Ruseva, Leda Stoilova

We thank you all for the outright support:
Ivan Shopov, Victor Dimchev, Tzvetana Maneva, Koyna Ruseva, Leda Stoilova, Dimo / Varvara /

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