Produced for THE CURRENT - KnockKnock

"A few years ago I travelled alone to Croatia, Europe’s new tourist destination. The remnants of a war gone by seemed barely visible, unless you look, or ask. I hiked alongside 8,000 people for four days in 40+ degree heat in remembrance of the Srebrenica massacre, I got yelled at by infuriated Muslims for not covering my legs and arms near the cemetery, only to realize much later why — and feel the shame of touristic arrogance. I watched 614 bodies in anorexic coffins be put into the earth in one hour. Bodies that for 16 years had been unidentified after being uncovered in mass graves. I could only describe the country as “insane”. And yet it left me feeling like I was the crazy one, that in fact moving from talk of genocide to laughing at an American movie, and back again is the norm."

Starring, Benjamin Bolling Schütze
Voice Over, North Campbell

Director of Photography, Amy Belling

Poem, "When Harry Met Sally" by North Campbell

1st Assistant Camera, Mark Allan
Dolly Grip, Jordan Dowler-Coltman
Camera Equipment, RAW CAMERA
Colourist, Brianne Nord-Stewart

Special Thanks to: Neb Aleksic, Katie Berezan, Paula Burrows, Hannah Epperson, Andrea Reid, Benjamin Schütze, Pieter Stathis, Marija Temelkovski.

Produced by Brianne Nord-Stewart


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