This clip is from a larger video I'm working on for work so more footage from the show will be out later on. Last weekend, Boston Arts Academy held their Springfest show at the BU Dance Theater and it was a terrific show! This clip is from the segment called "This Shelter" and was choreographed by Sheryl Pollard-Thomas, a co-chair of the dance department.

This edit is from 5 cameras. The main camera in the back was the BMCC (EF with a 17-55mm lens). This camera really produced a great video (the image quality well as our students!) I just recently got the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera and used it for the first time for the show! Got the camera a few days before the show and got the lens (Lumix 20mm) a day before the show, I'm still getting to know the camera. Camera was up front in the center. It's true what they say, the battery and the card (64gb) will get you a little over 30 minutes of recording time. Both BlackMagic cameras were set to "video" and "prores". The other front side camera was the Canon 5D Mark III with a wide angle lens. Filmed May 9th, 2014

See rehearsal footage of this performance here:

Filmed/edited: Mark Pijanowski
Song: A Stutter by Olafur Arnalds
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