Take a look back at "A Quest for 70"

“A Quest for 70 Days” was not a project simply based on skiing. What started as a halfhearted joke, slowly evolved into the most memorable winter of my life. The idea behind this journey was to alpine ski for 70 days, documenting each day with a picture to share the experience with as many others as possible.
Skiing 70 Days on the East Coast, with a majority of those days coming between late January and mid-April, due to an extremely icy late December and early January, resulted in a 3-month period of 5-6 day ski weeks. As a college student, homework pilled up and class/club commitments were ever present. Some mornings, the motivation to pull back the covers, grab my gear, and drive to the mountain simply did not exist. Through this however, the quest never faltered. Despite these early morning reservations, never was there a day that failed to end with a smile plastered across my face, and the faces of those with me. From ice, to soft corduroy, to dust on crust, to full-blown powder days, and eventually some of the best spring skiing the East Coast has ever experienced, this season has created memories that will last forever.
Without the support of all my friends and family (both new and old), this “Quest for 70 Days” would not have succeeded. So thank you. Thank you to everyone that contributed in any way. I could not have done it without you.

Day 1: December 1, 2013
Day 70: April 18, 2014
Final Day: May 10, 2014


Jay Peak, Vermont
Whiteface, New York
Gore Mountain, New York
Breckenridge, Colorado
Lyon Mountain, New York
Wolfjaw Slides, New York

-Stephen Larson

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