In permaculture, the Edge is the most diverse and abundant place. It is where the species from two differnt zones meet and where life develops. Whether it is along a water front, where the meadow meets the forest or where the continents meet, here is where we find the most life! Costa Rica is located in between North and South America and in between two oceans. With many microclimates Costa Rica is home to hundreds of tropical and temperate medicinal plants, trees, fruits and fungi! Abundant wildlife, inspiring landscape, diverse population all helped develop the country's most beloved phrase... Pura Vida... Pure LIFE!

This was a gathering of herbalists from the Americas to celebrate our diversity and learn about the abundant medicines from the Neo-Tropics. Costa Rica, a bridge between North and South America which has diverse micro-climates where we can find temperate familiars and exotic rainforest healers. We explored the range of ethnobotanically significant plants from indigenous and Afro-Caribbean, Costa Rica as well as other plants from the Americas.

The conference covered a broad range of practical topics as well as focusing on tropical plant identification, medicine making, permaculture and functional tropical foods We enjoyed horseback riding, excursions to gorgeous waterfalls and Finca Luna Nueva, a biodynamic medicinal plant collection.

The workshops were bi-lingual, Spanish and English, with a profound focus on the unique micro-climates and various eco-systems of Costa Rica, a bridge between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

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