This a review/pwnage of Programming Logic and Design by Joyce Farrell (Fifth Edition)

Let me get one thing clear - I hated this book. It was painful to sit through like Palin's Tea Party Address. But I have endured to bring you the inside scoop! I have deliberately omitted possible positive features of the book, such as a slight improvement around chapter 8 and the possiblity that I was not the intended audience as this would distract from the humor of the pwnage.

Quotations from the book are used under fair use - as this is not a commercial endevor, this is a 'review' which is legally protected even if the review is highly negative or even at times comical.

Pictures were included for entertainment purposes only and generally have only a superficial or comical relation to the audio which contains the actual review. Some pictures have names or links on them which act as a reference, the other pictures were taken from various sites around the internet in which pictures were ancillary (not their primary purpose or business) Actual stock photos have been deliberately avoided. The one exception would be the Maui Angels photography (the wedding picture) - check them out here I couldn't find a more awesome wedding picture so that's why I used it.

Q: Was this book really as bad as you say?
A: Once I start hating on something, I don't generally let go of it. I've been a programmer since I was 12 years old, I have a degree, held a programming job for 5 years and now I have to read something which seems like it was written for people who don't know what a compiler is? Yeah - it could skew my opinion a little bit. I legitimately believe that this is the worst textbook I've ever seen - but keep in mind that there is a certain amount of filtering in the textbooks which ever reach me. There are some redeeming qualities to the book - and if you use the method that I describe at the end of the video - you can get something out of it, pass whatever class you're in and get on with your life!

Here's the information on the book

Programming Logic and Design 5th Edition
by Joyce Farrell


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