(Die Winterreise – Part 1)

Choreography and Dance: Samir Calixto
Countertenor: Harm Huson
Piano: Henk Mak van Dijk
Installation: Wilma Marijnissen
Costumes: Jookje Zeedijk
Light Design: Bas Vissers
Technical Advice/ Installation: Jessica de Boer
Video Registration: Josanne Buiting
NÉVÉ is a Korzo Production, co-supported by STROOM Den Haag

Névé takes the first six songs from famous Franz Schubert’s Die Winterreise as the departure point for a symbolic journey through a turbulent and hazardous path. Passing from inertia to turmoil, this voyage aims for a much longed transformation. Summoning a dancer, a singer and a pianist (Samir Calixto himself, Harm Huson and Henk Mak van Dijk), Névé eliminates the idea of characters on stage giving space for a simple physical and musical pursuit, mainly as a metaphor for the everlasting search for inner (and outer) rest, completion and simplicity. Engaging dancer and singer on their fullest, the choreography appropriates from a meaningful musical frame to explore the limits where dance transforms the perception of music and vice versa. As the journey evolves physicality, musicality and a dynamic setting (an installation by the visual artist Wilma Marijnissen) suffer significant changes. The space as well the bodies gain different configurations as internal and external movements are reviewed, destroyed and renewed.

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