Sundance came to us to direct four short films to play in front of the festival’s discerning audiences at each event screening. This year’s campaign extols a message of “Renewed Rebellion” and “Sundance Reminded,” urging festival-goers to look forward by looking back at the festival’s iconoclastic, anti-establishment origins. In keeping with the theme, we broke out the scissors and glue (and laser cutters and optical fibers) to create a series of original hand-crafted animations.

"Tell your Own Story" was a festival favorite, poking fun at the risk-averse, derivative, and referential hollywood pitching process, where stories are perpetually rehashed, at the expense of original ideas.

We used collage, live-painting and stop-motion to support the concept.

Directed by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Kate Treacy
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Design: Pete McDonald, Daniel Oeffinger
Animators: Daniel Oeffinger, Conrad Ostwald
Stop Motion: Pete McDonald, Daniel Oeffinger, Conrad Ostwald
Original Music: John Forte

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