Shortened Version ... the cat, Alvin Ailey & the apartment!

This was created from a 15-minute version, also available on this site:

On October 25, 2009, my friend David McReynolds - long-time pacifist, War Resister & Socialist Party member - turned 80. I'd like to introduce him to you by way of a 15-minute piece I did for his birthday celebration. Since it would have been too hard to sum up his life in such a short clip, I decided to let you see and hear David the way I have over the years ... mostly in conversations in his East Village apartment, telling stories and looking through his old photo albums.

Some noteworthy McReynolds facts: during the Vietnam War, David was at the center of virtually every national committee seeking to bring an end to the conflict. He was the first openly gay man to run for President of the United States (1980), and when he ran again in 2000 his 622 votes in Florida (yes, he was on the infamous Butterfly Ballot) exceeded the difference between Al Gore and George W Bush. His widely-read pamphlet, "The Philosophy of Nonviolence," has become one of the definitive works on pacifism in the late twentieth century.

Howard Zinn recently told me that he considers David "a hero of the antiwar movement."

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