"Forget the excuses, these aliens must die!"

This will hopefully be the first of many videos in which I take our beloved rp characters and try not to get them killed by an unstoppable alien invasion.

This time, four OC's head out to Argentina and set the precedent for the rest of the series; gunfire and exxplosions.

Any feedback, comments, screaming rants, do feel free to message me :-P

Catullinian out xxx

NB: I own nothing from this video except my own voice. Look at all the thing I do not own:

X-com: Enemy Unknown - (c) Fireaxis games [dev.], 2K games [pub.], 2012
Video made with Cyberlink PowerDirector 12.0 (trial edition), (c) Cyberlink Corp 2013.
Intro cinematic owned by Fireaxis and 2K, downloaded from youtube.com/watch?v=F1gcTueQp18, 16th May 2014
Additional Music: "Golliwog's cakewalk", from the suite "Children's Corner" - Claude Debussy [cmpsr.] 1908, Michel Beroff [prfm.] 2007.

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