Memory-Lane.TV is a series of 1,000 interactive films, assembled in 15 to 30 minute "sessions".
Utilizing four therapeutic theories, i.e. Guided imagery, Music therapy, Chronobiology, and scent technology, the multi-sensory collection of films stimulates the episodic memory by relaying a life episode of an individual, forever engraved on their long-term memory.
Reminiscence and positive feelings are reinforced several times throughout the day.
A new science part of the Mind-Body medicine.

Our films have no narration, no voice over, just music and ambiant sound...
Because regular television is not suited for dementia sufferers, our uniquely crafted collection of films immediately enhances the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Based on clinical studies conducted by a scientific committee, our collection reduces anxiety levels and contributes to the healing process by creating environments conducive to relaxation.
Scene selection, order, music, sounds, and chronobiology disminishes the sundowner's syndrome, Dementia’s anxiety.

Memory-Lane.TV offers a variety of different sessions throughout the day, using archival images and High definition footage from 20 talented filmmakers from around the world.

We also provide custom made sessions using personal photographs and families videos.

For more information : Memory-Lane.Tv

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