Barack Obama is a Prince Hall Freemason.

He is being used by Satan and his Legions for the end goal of Micro-chipping the world.

Freemasons initiated a program where they want you to surrender your child to there Masonichip program.
Now that the paradigm shift of the Masonic New Age is advancing. Christians must be aware of who their enemy is to pray for their enemies.
Matthew 5:44 ...pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

This video documents the blatant name by Freemasons to "CHIP" children.
Seductively introducing there trans-humanistic agenda.
All the while denying there not "Chipping" anyone.

We ask: Why call it Masoni"CHIP" then???

We know why!
They're telling you they will "C H I P" You!
Realize their soon obvious intentions for everyone!
The Masons Ordo ab Chao dogma includes presenting a moralistic front for the mass public; while causing the Chao's they credit themselves with fixing.

NWO Health Care will eventually call for mandatory "CHIP" caring.

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