Just recently in Sudan a Christian woman was apparently sentenced to death for Apostasy. Of course western news, whose majority reporters are either Christian or Jewish, were quick to pick up on this story and report it before having recieved all the facts.

Things that these News stations seemed to ignore was:

1.) The Women never converted to Christianity, but instead was raised as a Christian her whole life from her Christian mother.

2.)The Sentence will given by the Sudanese Government, but instead by a rogue Judge in one of the small cities in Sudan.

3.)The Woman can appeal her sentence to the Supreme Court in Sudan. And even if she still is found guilty will not have the punishment carried out for at least 2 years after she has her child.

4.)Islam does not permit any punishment to be carried out against a pregnant women, even if it were murder.

I've discussed a few other things in the video itself. If you have any other questions you can post them in the comments sections and hopefully I will be able to get back to you soon.

Part 2 will be finished tomorrow insha Allah.

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