This is my vision for a Worlds AP routine:
"Mambo No. 5A"

Thanks to:
Takeshi, for suggesting for me to find a cool way into the over-shoulder mound at 0:46
Red, for the stomp-start at 0:56
Augie, for the cross-spinning E-fan at 1:16. Also notice the really big smile.
Miggy, for the modified Tunnels at 2:03
Steve Brown, for ALL the hubstack inspiration. I'm still coming up with new stuff, partly thanks to you.

I didn't try to "steal" your stuff everyone, but I did want to expand on your ideas.

0:34 Steve Brown, please notice the disgusted face
1:30 Chris Neff, that is a real meltdown
1:32 My sad attempt to make a tangler part of a transition instead of it's own trick.

I cannot dance. I will need to work on it before I make the final video.

And close your mouth. It's not THAT good.

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