Testing the two cameras for dynamic range and color. Left is GH4, Right BM. Both UHD, download for full res. Almost no color correction - only saturation added to the BM and one shot had exposure off and was corrected. Before I started I assumed the GH4 would be a little sharper, BM would have more dynamic range, better color, smoother tone.

Both cameras were matched for exposure in camera not in post but the BMPC4k looks a little less exposed - could be lens or maybe 400iso on the BM is closer to 320iso.

Conclusion. I'm seeing more dynamic range from the GH4 specifically with cineD. I like the noise performance and look of Natural. CineV dialed down is slightly more contrasty then Natural. CineD slightly better then Natural at the cost of shadow noise. BM has more accurate color but not significantly even with 10bit 4.2.2.

Another comparison from few weeks ago: vimeo.com/93226003

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