"The Last Ride of José Martí" is a project created by O, Miami 2014 as an homage to the continued significance of the life and work of the Cuban poet José Martí. On April 22, 2014, actor Ivan Lopez—dressed as Martí—rode down Calle Ocho on the back of a white horse and distribute roses outfitted with Martí poems. Martí first made a quick stop at Versailles for a cafecito, then traveled down the heart of Calle Ocho on horseback, and finally give a reading on 13th Court.

O, Miami is a Knight-funded festival with the goal of every single person in Miami-Dade County encountering a poem during the month of April.


Ivan Lopez as José Martí
Samantha as Bacanao

Team Samantha
Gustavo Abaunza
Katya Abaunza
Armando Fonseca
Melvin Aponte

Executive Producers
P. Rodney Cunningham
Miles & Mimi Coon

Gold Producers
Deborah McAlister
Amy Erbesfeld
Derek & Sarah Christensen
Carlene Sawyer
Ken Smoller

Silver Producers
Marilyn Ricci
Carol Todaro
Arlo Haskell
Christina Frigo

Bronze Producers
Willie Avendano
Mariana Mendoza
Catherine Prescott
Gretchen Steinberg
Dan Adler
Ileana Oroza

Production Director/Designer
Melody Santiago Cummings

Rose Passers
Michael Martin
Annik Adey-Babinski

Poop Scooper
P. Scott Cunningham

Thank you
Luly Valls and Versailles Restaurant
Lisa Palley

This project made possible through the support of Miami-Dade County and Power2Give

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