ZORK Previsualization Project

By cinema and game design students at the University of Wisconsin-Stout

This class project was produced entirely within the video game engine Unity. Previsualization is a stage in filmmaking that comes after the script and storyboards have been created but before the production phase. By creating virtual sets, characters and cameras, previsualization allows film professionals to see what camera positions, lenses, environments and character blocking are needed to tell the story.

Animations were created using motion capture with the Xbox Kinect. The animations and camera work were implemented into Unity using Cinema Mo Cap and a beta version of the program Cinema Director, created and provided by CINEMA SUITE INC.

Models were created in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Character Generator.

Team Members Include:
Director/Cinematographer: Gus Hinton
Technical Director: Zachary Chapman
3D Modeling and Animation:
Alex Diab
John Leitner
Nathan Musta
Zachary Chapman
Editing and Sound: Sarah Moua

Kevin Pontuti - Digital Cinema
Dave Beck - 3D Modeling and Animation

For more information contact BFA in Entertainment Design Program Director Kevin Pontuti


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