a 16mm film by Sheldon Rochlin and Flame (Diane Rochlin) Schon. Shot in NYC on the Lower East Side, Midtown, and Central Park Zoo in 1962.
We lived then on Ave B. I became Diane Rochlin after marrying Sheldon in '63.
I then became Flame Schon after marrying Jyoti Schon...and I remain Flame Schon.
I play the 4 female characters.
Cameo roles by Jonas Mekas, Bill Levy, Paul Morrissey and Otto Maarnes. Music by Malcolm Goldstein.
Thanks to Anthology Film Archives who transferred this film from the 16mm film which they have archived.
"One of his rarest and perhaps most unusual pieces is this 16mm short narrative that has been salvaged and heedfully transferred to digital video from its original format by Anthology Film Archives. Created with collaborator, muse, and former wife Flame Schon (then Diane Rochlin), Diane the Zebra Woman follows four women’s misadventures through the streets of NYC 1962. All played by Flame, the characters consist of The Detective, The Mother, The Child, and the Medium (Girl on Bicycle). Amidst the enclave of the French new wave, an evident influence says Flame, metaphor is enacted and embodied through each figure. “He sometimes would imagine that I reminded him of Jeanne Moreau, he liked the dark circles under her eyes.” Evocative of the scene from which it emerged, the film features cameos from integral figures like William (Bill) Levy, Jonas Mekas, Paul Morrissey and features an original score composed by Malcolm Goldstein. This would be the first film Sheldon created alongside Flame Schon."~ JC Gonzo on The End of Being
Read interview with me & essay on this film by JC Gonzo here theendofbeing.com/2014/08/15/diane-the-zebra-woman-experimental-films-patron-savior-sheldon-rochlins-long-lost-short/

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