Datamosh version of Stan Brakhage's classic '59 film 'Window Water Baby Moving," of which there are now dozen of online versions: in flash through a variety of services in a variety of qualities, in AVI via torrent or Rapidshare file hosting, and in high quality Criterion DVD rips on private torrent sites. Boasting hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube alone, these derivative versions are now the dominant mode of experiencing the film.

Brakhage's signature attention to color, precision, and velocity are lost in these diversely pixelated, distorted, or glitchy versions. This new datamosh version attempts to address its contemporary situation in the fullness of the current mediating technologies. How to can we understand the 'primacy of vision' in this context? What is the act of seeing with one's own eyes in front of a console?

Both the movement of the camera together and the density of cuts play well with datamoshing strategies of i-frame elimination. Since the viewer can no longer experience brilliant flashes of white light, rich celluloid textures, or the immediacy of frame-by-frame filmic montage, this new work reconfigures the film in its introduction to the digital fluidities, encoding granularities, and active response networks of the online environment.

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