So, this is my very best back porch neighbor Chico. He's the territorial type, so he keeps track of the comings and goings in the yard with extreme interest. Every spring, when he's chasing all the female Cardinals around town, he doesn't like to see any other male Cardinals near my (his) house. So, about 30 times a day, he'll clear the area around my deck from this annoying Cardinal who hangs out there- HIMSELF.

While not smart enough to figure out that he is in fact his own reflection, I think he's an all around nice guy. He's also a bald Cardinal (missing his crown), and as a bald dude myself I have a lot of respect for the way he carries himself. I often soap the windows to save him from this daily ritual, but after it rains and the soap's cleared, he has his way with my deck door.

Here's to you, Chico.

Footage taken with a combo of my phone and a Nikon J1 in slow motion video mode.

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