what an amaaaazing day on my kite!

12m Ozone Catalyst 2014, just enough wind, NW to W wind direction, launched from Paradis beach (in the back from the nice shallow lagoon).


Kitesurfed for approx. 3hrs all along the Paradis and Dinarobin beach and all the way to the small land-mark rock in the lagoon.

was just an amazing day on the kite which ended rather interestingly - wind turned within 2 seconds totally offshore to where I was going to land (from W-NW to SOUTH - ES!) LOL.

I was fished out by a good samaritan - kite school instructor who owns the school riding Slingshots. BIG THANKS TO YOU MAN!!!! I would have a very looooong walk were it not for you!

Btw - I was in Mauritius for 10 days. I had TWO windy days only! Ow well. Anyways. Was all worth it and I hope I'll be back there someday..soon.

I totally recommend Mauritius LeMorne spot.

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