The philosophy of UBN stems from my observations that people are always seek to be unique, and feel that they are different from everyone else.
However, uniqueness is something which is given to each of us by nature.
As a proof, just look at your fingerprints!
UBN produces items for women in business life. These products are hand made, high quality items such as real leather hand bags, clutches, wallets, tablet & phone covers, scarves... no two are the same.
We then allocate % 10 percent of the UBN’s sales to the Funding for Women International; a microcredit fund that we started. This microcredit fund supports women seeking to become entrepreneurs and are in need of seed capital.
What we do, is to build a bridge between women producing, using and women who are just starting.
This is your BRAND, because YOU ARE UNIQUE BY NATURE.
Each and every day you are using the UBN products will become the celebration of your uniqueness.

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