"The Family Plan: As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Middle-Aged Man Battling Adult Acne" is a journey through time to last wednesday of any year. This film takes place in the depths of your heart. The characters are fictional but their truths are all too real. Three individuals, one from Honduras, one from El Salvador, and the last from Guatemala, preform the voice overs for the members of "The Cronkites". I thought to myself, "WWKD". (What would Kenn do?) Kenn is my neighbor that is 58 and has 3 dogs. He is really down to earth.

Please sit back and enjoy this trip.

Directed by: MP Cunningham
Starring: Connor Prady, Clark Kelsey, and MP Cunningham.
Written by: Connor Prady and MP Cunningham
Featuring: Victoria Flores, Saul Vasquez, and Diego Gonzalez.
Special Guest: Drew Danburry from The Danburry Barbershop.
Titles by: JP Haynie
Produced by: Andrew Hair and Wayne Nillson
Shot on the RED Epic.

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