Guinness World Records Sollefteå 2002.09.01

A short Account about the Parasail Marathon Records in Sollefteå Sweden July 2002. It all started about a year ago.

We have a sport association for people with a handicap called (in English) Wet & Dry. We have a lot of activities not only for handicapped people but also for people without a handicap.

Some of the activities are Parasailing, Water-skining, Climbing and Go-Cart. In the Winter we have Sit-Ski and Ski-Cart. In April 2001, we made a decision to try to set a record in parasailing. We contaced Guinness to get the rules.

During the time eastern 2001, when we received the rules, we tried to get sponsors for the attempt. It was difficult of the fact that we could specify the attempt.

In November 2001 we manage to get the final sponsors so we could continue to make the plans for the attempt.

We decided to make the attempt on 17th of July 2002

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