Author: Matteo Bittanti

Format: Digital photographs, single-channel video, 4 minutes 10 seconds with added TV-noise static

Video: Documentation

Description: On January 26, 2013, in a hotel room located somewhere in Northern California, I witnessed the deconstruction of Nicolas Cage. I happened to turn on the television - an elephantiac Samsung HDTV Smart LCD-rectangle - and Nicolas Cage materialized before my eyes.

The Channel was Bravo.

The film The Family Man.

These details are irrelevant.

I immediately noticed that Cage was off.

Suddenly, his face turned blocky, pixelated, fragmented, punctiforme.

It exploded in a myriad of fragments.

The flow was disrupted. This machinic failure was unraveling before my eyes.

I instantly grabbed my iPhone and started documenting this degenerative process.

It was as if the television screen had been infected by a virus. A virus that was eating Cage alive.

New flesh eating-bacteria for the post-cathodic era.

The glitch quickly took over the TV set.

The accident cannot be "undo".

The Cage is out of the cage.

Matteo Bittanti

San Francisco, January 27, 2013


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